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Slate Floor Fountains

Slate Floor Fountains

Floor fountains look really stylish and distinct when it is made of natural stones that are engraved and carved to perfection. Slate floor fountains are the most famous ones when it comes to the indoor /outdoor floor fountain classification. All the ideal style and quality that you would want in a floor fountain decor is in the wide choice of slate floor fountain collections. Some people would always have slate floor fountains as their first choice among all other types of design.

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We have a lot of slate floor fountains to choose from, among are the best sellers in the market and they will always bring fresh air and a natural sight that you would really watch love. Slate floor fountains have a lot of colors and cut that gives their looks mesmerizing, and breathtaking that would really suit your taste and style. Some of them may come in horizontal, vertical, round styles, square or rectangular ones and not to mention that you can also pick the size that would be appropriate for the space in your home or work place.

There are the stone types that are artistically shaped and designed to make a perfect slate floor fountain, the Green Slate, Black Slate or a Rajah Slate.. These nature inspired creations are combined with a lot of quality frames and edges that are really of unique designs. Most common types of hood and tray would be made of stainless steel, copper metal, copper vein or black copper. There is also an alternative for slate that is lighter if you are looking for something that will not be heavy for your walls. It is called a Light Weight Slate or Featherstone Slate for Adagio which is 75%-90% lighter, a new option for those looking for ease installation while maintaining the quality standards of a solid slate.