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Bluworld's water features are completely redesigned and engineered with NSI Slate, has taken veneers of genuine Indian Rajah Slate and fused it to composite material with the same chipped edge technique and they are indistinguishable from a thick slab of slate. Their slate floor fountain designs are 90% lighter than the natural slate but with the same beauty and elegance.




Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain

Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain

This floor fountain is made from lightweight bronze colored slate and perfectly framed with Dark Copper. The slate panel is a rear mounted as it is meant to be viewed from one side. This floor fountain is made from high quality and durable materials so you may display it either indoors or outdoors. The water looks pleasant to the eyes and ears that flows down from one side of the slate panel.

Need floor space?  Then consider a Discount Wall Fountain for your home.

Fountains of Living Waters

Fountains of Living Waters is famous for their magnificent designs that are hand crafted and made from Light Weight slate. Their floor water fountains will surely make a unique and dramatic statement wherever placed and all of them makes a soothing and relaxing sound.

Prosperity Falls Water Fountain

This outdoor floor water will be a focal point in your garden or patio. With each magnificent level made with lightweight slate where water flows from will totally calm your nerves with it's pleasing sound. This is a very nice water feature perfect for your outer space ideally in the center of our garden with lots of plants and flowers around.